Stop anarchy in capital’s transport sector: National Committee

Staff Correspondent, PTB Website:

নৌ, সড়ক ও রেলপথ রক্ষা জাতীয় কমিটির লোগো

National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR) on Tuesday demanded to stop anarchy and public sufferings immediately during the ongoing drive against so-called seating service buses-mini buses in the capital.

The organization’s adviser and veteran politician Manzurul Ahsan Khan and general secretary Ashis Kumar Dey made the demand to the government, including all concerned authorities, in a joint statement, a NCPSRR press release said.

They also demanded exemplary action against transports owners and workers who are charging extra fare, carrying passengers beyond seat capacity and creating artificial crisis by dropping their vehicles’ movement on city roads.

The statement said that Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has been conducting mobile courts since April 16 against so called seating service, charging extra fare and unfit vehicles being directed by the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry and being requested by the transports owners’ associations.

But very disorderliness, anarchy and public sufferings have been created from the very beginning of the pre-declared drive. The NCPSRR leaders alleged that a group of owners and workers have been dropping around 40% buses and mini-buses whimsically from the city. As a result, public transport crisis has increased badly in last three days.

The vehicles now on movement have been carrying double passengers than their capacities. As a result, passenger sufferings, specially working women, children and senior citizens, have been increased. On the other hand, transport owners and workers earn extra profit by exploiting people, the leaders alleged.

The signatories of the statement urged the government to continue BRTA’s ongoing drive to establish discipline in road transport sector. They demanded cancellation of rout permit following Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983 of those vehicles that are dropped from the capital in last three days. They also demanded to bring the owners and workers under existing law for creating ongoing crisis and anarchy by ignoring laws and rules.

The NCPSRR leaders emphasized on the empowerment and more activation of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) and to include sufficient buses under this state-run commercial body to decrease public transports crisis.

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