HC issues 25 directives to check road accidents, traffic chaos

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High Court of Bangladesh

The High Court (HC) on Thursday issued 25 instructions to check road accidents and traffic jam on highways in the country.

The HC issued a circular against a writ petition of Human Rights and Peace for preventing road accidents and traffic jam in the highways across the country.

HC asked the Ministry and Department concern to follow the instructions immediately.

In the circuler the HC instructed not to keep any goods beside the highway roads except the related goods with repairing or construction.

The HC also instructed to abolish all makeshift markets and shops beside the highway.

The HC also instructed authorities concern not to give any permission to make any floting markets or commercial building within 10 meters of the Highway.

Only the vehicles will move on the highway, said the HC order. No public meeting will be allowed on the highway, the HC order said.

The apex court also instructed the Road Transport Authority to create bus stoppage in a planned way. The HC also orders the authority to ban all the unfit vehicles on the highway.
Gradually, all the animal carrying vehicles including truck and lorrey must be banned to avoid jam in the highway.

The HC orders drivers to follow speed limit on highway. The HC also instructed the government to make sufficient flyover, over bridge, overpass, underpass and level crossing to prevent traffic jam and road accident on highway.

The HC asked Highway Police Authority to use modern technology to reduce accidents and traffic jam.

The court also asked authorities concern to increase more facilities in the alternative ways including railway and water ways to reduce pressure from highway.

The HC said no one is allowed to change vehicles sizew without permission of the authority and asked the authories to organize training session for highway vehicle drivers to make them skilled and aware of traffic rules so that they can avoid accidents.

HC instructed the BRTA to introduce electronic driving license and make a data base of the license. Proper database of each road accident is a must, said the HC order.

HC also instructed the authorities concern to monitor the activities of the vehicle owners and the worker associations to prevent accidents.

The HC also asked the Education Ministry to include traffic rules in the textbook for increasing the awareness of the students on traffic rules and regulations.

The court also asked the print and electronic media to publish regular article on traffic rules for developing public awareness.


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